Uncharted Worlds

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The Perseus Expansion

I'm enjoying preparing for some Uncharted Worlds.

Out on the fringe of humanity


15 years since the failed Outer Territory Rebellion

Spanning the 6000 light years from the Orion to the Perseus arm lies one of the two Forerunner Gates, opening an instant travel space tunnel between two points. The tunnel exists when the two gates are activated. In early colonisation the gates were continually running, but today ‘financial pressures’ mean that the gates activate on a terran monthly cycle.

Additionally, prior to the Gate discovery, the arms are connected by the tenuous Helix Corridor, a spiral of intermittent jump lanes stretching between the arms. This jumble of connections creates a galactic highway that arrives at the Homeward Sector, a cluster of Perseus hub quadrants that greedily consume thinning traffic from the coreward home of humanity.

Campaign Focus

Phaedra Quadrant
Out in the fringe of the Expansion, where the grip of law and the old #### empire are at their weakest, the Pheadra Quadrant is a typical frontier cluster of systems exhibiting everything from grasping control, free thinking, starvation of mind, body and soul, raw pleasures and endless torments.

Quadrant Systems
200LY cube (Space Opera, I am in you…)

System Names
Phaedra – Hub world
Underwater Sunlight
Green Desert
Near Dark
Blue Dawn
Canyon Dreams


Expanse Systems Union

ESU – Orwellian, impulsively authoritarian plutocratic government that pervasively dominates The Expanse. Propped up by old imperial families and numerous Orion Corporations.

Assets – Type 3 and 4 starships and battalions of the Union Army, the AA.


Union Army

Outer Territory Alliance

The Combine

An interplanetary colonial co-operative, supporting the movement of goods and supplies to the outer colonies.
Assets – a ragtag fleet of aging type 2 freighters and escorts
Colonial Marshals – licensed law enforcers permitted to operate by the
Insurance optional

Starfreight Logistics

One of the major Perseus corporations – majors in cross quadrant freight and passenger transportation. Relatively low insurance premiums, high profitability

Camlan Defence Services

Large private military corporation, undertaking business contracts across the Expanse


A recent apocalyptic cult that has taken hold in many of the outer systems. Adherents follow the teachings of the Tarresti Oracle, a previous sports gambling and leisure lottery AI, that predicts a time of fire and end times to the Expanse, and that the stars are not our own. Devotees are encouraged a self flagilating acceptance of the end

Assets – apocalyptic preachers provide a thick obfuscating veil to a more organised core that appear to be assisting the end times through a series of co-ordinated acts of sabotage across the Expansion.

The end of the world

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Well it is an auspicious day, mostly because it is our last...